Ecoforia is a new European cosmetic brand that offers a range of face, body, and hair products that will make you happy! Our goal is to support mental and skin health. Ecoforia relaxes and restores your skin and hair, which is especially relevant during the post-pandemic period.

The main ingredients in Ecoforia products are Calmosensine™ and fermented extracts.

Ecoforia’s cosmetic products are more than hydration, nourishment, and protection for your face skin, body and hair. Ecoforia includes triple-action lipopeptide Calmosensine™, which leaves a significant anti-aging effect, boosting elastin production, mimic-muscle relaxation, and releasing precursor of endorphins.

Yes, Ecoforia products are 100% cruelty-free and have not been tested on animals.

Yes, Ecoforia is committed to being an environmentally conscious brand, and our products are 100% recyclable and eco-friendly.

Yes, Ecoforia products are vegan and do not contain any animal-derived ingredients.

Calmosensine™ is a high-tech ingredient based on Arg-Tyr biopeptide that releases pro-endorphins in the skin, giving it a healthy, rested, and rejuvenated appearance. This leads to relaxed muscles, reduced wrinkles, and a happy, radiant look.

Fermented extracts are created by mixing raw materials with enzymatic bacteria. These extracts are suitable for sensitive and allergy-prone skin as the fermentation process eliminates toxic substances. Bacteria-secreted enzymes also gently exfoliate dead skin cells, making them ideal for sensitive and aging skin. The production process does not involve intense heating, preserving the maximum content of beneficial assets in the substance.

Lamellar structures in creams are similar to the structure of the epidermis, making them easily integrated into the skin. They work like patches, restoring the skin’s protective barrier. Unlike traditional creams, lamellar structures have the same lipid structure as the skin barrier, allowing for complete absorption into the skin. Traditional creams do not completely absorb and remain on the surface.

The packaging is 100% recyclable and visually appealing, with a soft touch coating that enhances the daily care experience.

Skinification is a trend in scalp care that treats the scalp as part of the facial skin. It involves treating hair with the same cleansing and care procedures used for skin. The movement, known as Hair Skinification, has revolutionized the approach to scalp care.

Ecoforia cosmetic products can be purchased through online and offline distributors. Please find them in your country.

To become a distributor, please contact us at info@beautyplanta.ee.